EMBEDONIX name supposed to represent Embedded Systems & Electronics. Obviously in this website we are trying to share our knowledge about embedded systems,  electronics, programming and … with our readers.

Who are behind EMBEDONIX

Just a few graduates of electronics and software engineering!

What are our goals?

As said before, share useful tips and tricks about electronics and programming…

How to contact us?

For general cases, please use the contact form. For questions and feedback about tutorials, articles and news items, please comment directly in the comment section of the item of interest.

Can we help with your projects/assignments?

Of course, if we happen to have spare time we can help with your project or assignments. If your query is something simple we can help you for free, but if it is more complex or time consuming we might charge a bit! Please use the contact form for this purpose.

Do not forget to checkout our YouTube channel!

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